Flight 206: NAMING Departing

Lumina Seventy Four

Flight 405: ANIMATIONS Departing

Lumina Learning Educare Sat & National Geographic

Flight 111: PRINT / DESIGN Departing

Lumina SAT

Flight 003: MARKETING / PLANNING Departing

Saracens RFC Hands Up Holidays

DIGITAL DESIGN: Educare Small School

Educare Small School is no ordinary school. The school is very creative, non traditional and bursting with divergent approaches to education.

Brand Influence worked with a committed, capable and creative internal steering group, who produced really valuable, insightful content.

We worked with designers and developers to create the overview design of the site, but what makes this site powerful and different is the creative input from the children, who designed all of the frames, shot and presented most of the videos and audio.

Want to see more? www.educaresmallschool.org.uk

Educare Small School